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Life is not as joyful as we all desire. We experience brief moments of euphoric joy, but we live in a world polluted by sin, suffering and persecution. Our societies reject God’s standards wholesale, and in so doing foolishly obstruct a joyful life. Persecution is increasingly a way of life for the follower of Jesus. Yet even when we are persecuted for our faith we can experience the divine joy we seek. Christianity is the most joyful of all faiths. Unearthing Joy points us to so many Biblical passages overflowing with joy. Jesus came so that our joy could be complete.

With such a positive attitude we can empathise with the Apostle John on Patmos as he receives this Revelation from Jesus. We will only experience euphoric joy finally and fully when the Kingdom of God comes. This is the meta-narrative of Revelation. We follow, obey and love God now on earth so that in eternity we will live every moment in such joy with God the Father, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As Jesus speaks to us in Revelation, His desire is that we start unearthing that joy now.


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