Why did God choose the teenager Mary to bring Messiah into the world?

“You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, Beautiful inside and out!” (The Message Luke 1: 28) When the angel Gabriel told her that she, a virgin, would conceive the Son of God, she was utterly overwhelmed. She was a very young, simple peasant girl. In her small village she had no social standing.  Nothing is impossible with God, Gabriel told her.


Lord, I thank You for the wonderful faith You gave to the teenage Mary, who was ready to trust You when all You said to her seemed impossible. Give me the trust in You that Mary had. Prepare me to make the leap of faith that demonstrates that I obey You and will bring honour to You.


Do you believe in angels?

In Day Four of Today in a Mangerwe consider the angel Gabriel. Many people today do not believe in angels. Yet thirty-four books in the Bible mention angels, including every single New Testament book! Angels are mentioned more than 250 times in the Bible. In the Bible an angel is often depicted as someone sent by God to explain or execute His purposes. When Jesus was on earth, angels were often around Him. They predicted His birth, ministered to Him after His temptation in the wilderness, gave Him strength when He faced death on the cross, and declared His resurrection and ascension. The angel Gabriel told Zechariah that he and his wife Elizabeth would have a son, John the Baptist. An encounter with angels is something we should welcome.

Understanding Revelation

I never really understood what the last book in the Bible was about until I truly began to study it; read many and varied commentaries. So Unearthing Joy tries to distil what I have learned and as I wrote Revelation truly opened up, revealed to me, what Jesus talked to John about on the Aegean island of Patmos.


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