Blog 1: Unearthing Joy

I am starting today a year long blog on my second book, Unearthing Joy. I have had so many wonderful responses from around the world from readers of Today in a Manger. These have been deeply encouraging.

When I started to write about the Revelation given by Jesus to John, it was not my intention to write a book. I was writing a final Chapter in another book, It’s not the land: a walk through the Bible looking at God’s covenant relationship with His people. I plan to publish that book, my third, later this year.

Unearthing Joy is very different from Today in a Manger, which I published in October 2010. This book is a challenging read, and I accept that. Yes, there are many commentaries out there trying to explain Revelation. Some are very complex, few are a simple read. So I have written this commentary as a thoughtful guide through the maze that is Revelation.

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