On the night Jesus was born, Mary lay in postnatal exhaustion, cuddling the baby Jesus. She must have wondered if this babe in her arms was really the long promised Messiah, whether the angel Gabriel had really appeared to her nine months earlier. He had said that God’s favour meant that Mary would become pregnant and give birth to a Son. His name would be Jesus; He would be the Saviour. More than that, He would be great and would be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God would give Him the throne of his forefather David. He would rule over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom would never end.

Such news had been totally overwhelming for Mary. And yet here she was in a manger behind an inn holding this baby. Suddenly raucous shepherds burst into the quiet of the stable night. These noisy shepherds confirmed that the amazing words she had received from Gabriel nine long months earlier were indeed true. The tiny baby she cradled in her arms was indeed the Son of God.

Mary needed this affirmation. When did you last affirm your church leaders, or your friends and family in their journey with God?


My loving heavenly Father, You want to be involved in my life. And You want me to know that You are involved. Teach me how to give You space to work in me. Help me to meditate quietly on what you are saying and doing in my life. And give me the affirmation I need to enjoy my daily walk with You.




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